Every Marine officer goes 6 months of leadership training at The Basic School. It's where we learn weapons, tactics, strategy, and most importantly Marine Corps leadership. The Basic School has been called an MBA in leadership by Inc. Magazine, and for good reason. As a new 2nd Lieutenant you have responsibilities most leaders don't have in the civilian world. I had as many as 55 direct reports, and had to make decisions that impacted their lives. .

For example, as an officer recruiter I had a candidate who was accepted to go to officer training but was called up by his reserve unit. He called me in a panic late one evening. He had worked his butt off just to be able to apply to officer training, and now that he was ready to go, another obstacle stood in his way.

He was torn - should he go with his unit and fight, or go to officer training? I needed him for my quota and wanted him to go to training. I also had the power to overide his reserve orders and send him to training. Further, I developed a bond with this young Marine and didn't want to see him in a combat zone where he could be hurt or killed.

Despite all this, I had to look at the bigger picture however and see not just my mission, but the Marine Corps' mission. I decided that the greater good was to let him deploy with his reserve unit and support the Marine Corps mission of fighting our nation's enemies. He ended up returning safely from Iraq and then went on to be a star in officer training.


I've had responsibility for SEO projects throughout my career. Most recently at WWE, I led a project to implement microdata on our Product Detail Pages (PDP). I studied the Google documentatin on rich schema and then wrote a spec for our developers to follow. I wrote example code and worked with them to make sure it was right. After a short time we saw a dramatic increase in traffic for PDPs and a 52% increase in revenue for visitors whose landing page was a PDP.

Notable Tests

Testing is something I truly love - it's fun, it invigorates my imagination, and the results can be dramatic! One of my favorites was turning our email HTML template into a more mobile friendly version. The impact was swift and dramatic - a 15% lift in overall conversion, and a 21% increase in revenue.

Another test that did well for us was to make checkout easier - among other things, we added masks to fields like the phone number, and I asked that we bring up the correct mobile keyboard depending on the field (ex. the number dial pad for phone numbers) Conversion increased 27%

Another test showed a light box after checkout linking to our auction website where the auction item was related to the item just purchased. That has done well to push more traffic to our Auction site.

At WWE I had several conversion optimization projects that I'm very proud of. Recently I studied the conversion metrics of users who come to our landing page but do not proceed any further. After looking at the data I hypothesized that a large segment of users were coming to our page looking for specific information but were not seeing it there, causing them to abandon the conversion funnel.

That is when I had the idea for what we call the "long landing page". It is an alternative version that proactively answers technical and product questions. It has far, far more information than our default landing page. A test was run directing a portion of visitors to this page, and the result was a dramatic increase in order conversion.

When I took the job at Jacuzzi, I could see that our website needed a great deal of help. The main way we acquired revenue was through lead acquisition on the paid search page. It was an asbolute mess. I pulled my team together and made several suggestions for changes, and combined that with their input. By streamlining the page, reducing cognitive load, and only asking for required information, we brought in an incremental 140K per month in revenue to the company. It was a very exciting result!

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