Way Awesome!

Not only am I great at marketing, I can code too (I built this website using Bootstrap 3 and my hands.)

Not just another acquisition guy.
When it comes to digital marketing, I bring the awesome.

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About Me
I have been invited to speak at Google about online marketing and endured the most challenging basic training our country has to offer, which some describe as an MBA course in leadership, and once saved a Macaroni Grill from burning to the ground. I led Marines for 7 years, had as many as 55 direct reports and deployed to Europe in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

I've reasoned with protesting students at a "die in", written contracts with the Norwegian military and counseled Marines on financial and life issues.

I now have over 14 years of digital marketing experience and with the help of some incredible teammates, have achieved some terrific things for companies like Priceline.com, GE, and WWE.

I have an intense love for hockey, good beer, and better friends. I believe in the the Marine Corps values of honor, courage, and commitment, and always choosing the hard right vs. the easy wrong.

My Awards
I bring the awesome, but don't take my word for it...

Stuff I'm good at

...and have the track record to prove it


roberto levin leadership

I've had as many as 50 direct reports and made potentially life and death decisions. I'm also a graduate of The Basic School, which Inc. Magazine refers to as "an MBA in leadership". The Marine Corps trains officers to be decisive under extremely stressful situations, like the time I was greeted by a group of protesters while on recruiting duty...




I've worked on several SEO projects in my career. Recently I led a project to integrate microdata on Product Detail Pages. The result was a 52% increase in revenue for organic visitors whose landing page was a Product Detail Page.

A/B Testing, CRO

ab testing

Testing and Conversion Rate Optimization are my favorite things to do! I love the rush of a successful and meaningful test. I also love learning from tests that didn't work out so well. Read on for a list of some notable tests I've run.

Notable Tests

Email Marketing


Email marketing is fun! I introduced mobile optimized standards for WWE Shop, resulting in a very significant increase in revenue per email. I also introduced email segmentation with the use of CRM systems to dramatically increase ROI. It's not all me though, I'm very lucky to have extremely talented designers that create awesome email creative.




I'm certified in Google Analytics and also have some experience using Omniture. I use GA every day to make decisions, and am responsible for the technical side of GA, such as upgrading to Google Analytics. I like to get fancy too - like using Google Tag Manager to auto-create events in GA. Yeah, I'm a little geeky.


Everything Else

everyhting else

Using mobile best practices from sources like Apple and A List Apart, I designed and wireframed the WWE Shop mobile site. I developed the first Facebook plan for WWE Shop. I've launched brand new affiliate programs and run established ones while boosting YoY revenue. I've also directed Paid Search/Display not only for work, but for personal side hustles too.